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Announcing our new Garage Sale Email Alerts System
It regularly happens now that garage sale advertisers place their ad on the day before their garage sale - sometimes on the morning of the sale - because Egaragesales offers very quick listing of ads for those who missed other deadlines. It was decided a garage sale alert system was needed to let garage sale hunters know immediately a garage sale pops up in areas they are interested in. The Egaragesales email alert system is very simple. Click on a button which opens your email program; fill in the postcodes you want to be told about; and send the email. That's it! No registering. No names. Just your email address of course which is included when you send the email - so you don't even have to type that. Click here to try it out ...

Extended hours every Friday to process Last Minute Ads.
There are many reasons why advertisers submit ads on the Friday before their garage sale. In response to concerns that ads submitted after 5pm on Friday may not be listed in time for Saturday, I would like to assure our advertisers that extra checking is done on Fridays to make sure all ads are listed as quickly as possible. (Paypal payers see next item). Last minute ads will definitely be read by potential buyers because they check all ads again on Friday night and Saturday morning to retrieve the street names which don't appear in ads until 24 hours before the start of a garage sale. There are no ad deadlines at Egaragesales.

Paypal Payers get stream-lined ad approval
Egaragesales now has an automated approval process for Paypal account customers. If you pay via your Paypal account straight after submitting your ad, and then wait to be redirected back to Egaragesales after completing your payment, your ad will be automatically checked and should list immediately. The confirmation email will follow later. This is great news if your garage sale is close or you've made your ad in the wee hours of the morning and want fast approval.

Need more reasons to advertise your garage sale with Egaragesales?
If you believe the saying that you get what you pay for, then let me explain some of the unique benefits of advertising with Egaragesales. Click here to read more...

Our City Search makes it so much easier to find garage sales in your region. In addition to the City Search on the Home Page, you can select Upcoming Sales from the top menu and then use the City Search filter. You will firstly see all garaqe sales. Then select your city from the City Search drop down list. If your city or town is not in the drop down list, then select your State Region for other areas. When viewing a garage sale ad, you can also click on a suburb or post code to just see those areas. Happy searching.

Our Suburb Search has been introduced to make it even easier to find garage sales in your local area. You'll find it in the Search Section on the Home Page. You are presented with a list of all the suburbs which have a garage sale planned - and how many there are in that suburb. When viewing a garage sale ad, you can also click on the suburb or post code to see if there are other garage sales in the area. This has become the most popular way to find garage sales.

Egaragesales Unique Rain Guarantee.
Sadly we are not magical and we can't promise good weather for your garage sale .... BUT .... we can help you to hold your washed out garage sale on another day. If your garage sale is cancelled due to a weather event, and you decide to hold your garage sale again, will offer you a replacement ad FREE of charge. Click here to see how it works...

Introducing even more flexibility for our Garage Sale Advertisers.
I get very positive feedback from garage sale holders who need to use the Rain Guarantee. So I thought "Rain is not the only reason for needing to postpone a sale. Who knows what could happen? And why! All I know is, a garage sale may need to be postponed. So Egaragesales now offers FREE postponement of garage sale ads for any reason - as long as it is held at the same address. And I'll go one step further. If you didn't sell everything and need to hold another garage sale, I'll call that a postponement as well. Click here to find out more...

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