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Home > Tips and Hints > Buy Bedding at a Garage Sale? Are You Crazy?

Buy Bedding at a Garage Sale? Are You Crazy?
By Robert Polman
Sunday, 29 May 2011
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About the Author

Robert Polman

Rob has joined egaragesales to handle day-to-day operations. Coming from a Marine Engineering background, he is well placed to handle any tricky issues that may arise from time-to-time. It's time to put the garage sale hobby to work.

Robert Polman has written 72 article(s) for egaragesales.

Experts say you shouldn't buy beds second hand. The message must be sinking in because I tried to sell a near new ensemble once when, after moving house, I discovered the base wouldn't fit up the stairs. I had to buy a kit-form timber bed base and another mattress suitable for such bed bases.

The ensemble was way too good to throw out - not a mark on it - springs perfect - material intact - a mattress protector was used - so obviously it was good enough to sell. Sadly, I didn't even get a nibble when I advertised it in the Weekend Shopper. And the price was low because I just didn't want to throw it out. Drat those Experts.

Recently I was lying in bed in a motel during a trip, when I started thinking about this bed issue. (Apologies if this starts to sound a bit grose). Here I was sleeping not only on a bed, but between sheets, which have been slept in and on by up to 365 different people each year! I'd never thought about it from this angle before.

Why are people so happy to sleep in a motel or hotel bed which has probably seen who knows what activities in it's life, yet refuse to buy a second hand bed which can be tested, smelled and checked before purchase to make sure it is indeed near-new and in perfect condition? I don't think I need to say more. By now your mind is running rampant with what can happen to a motel bed during its long life. Sorry.

So, if you are setting up a house on the cheap, don't forget to also look at beds being sold at garage sales. If a mattress looks perfect, feels perfect and smells perfect, there's a good chance it IS perfect. And I'll bet the price is really cheap thanks to those Experts.

I'd love to know what you think. Why not add to this discussion by sending your comments in the feedback panel below. Have you had a bad experience buying a secondhand bed? Have I made you think about buying a second hand bed when you wouldn't before? Dare I ask an Expert to add a comment?

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