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Home > Website News > Web site upgrades

Web site upgrades
By Robert Polman
Thursday, 30 September 2010
Viewed : 9867 time(s)
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About the Author

Robert Polman

Rob has joined egaragesales to handle day-to-day operations. Coming from a Marine Engineering background, he is well placed to handle any tricky issues that may arise from time-to-time. It's time to put the garage sale hobby to work.

Robert Polman has written 72 article(s) for egaragesales.

I've bitten the bullet and made a few changes, some subtle, to the way ads are created and the way our customers make changes to them.

Most notably, Members Area has been given the heave-ho in favour of a new section affectionately (some might say unimaginatively) called Manage My Ads. The new section suggests a more relaxed and friendly approach to the way our advertisers view and make changes to their advertisements.

Regular Users will also notice the re-organisation of the side menu. I have tried to group tasks in a more meaningful and easy to understand way so that advertisers and searchers will be able to navigate around the web site more confidentally.

I hope the changes have a positive effect on your egaragesale experience. If you have any comments for or against the changes, I'm only too happy to read them.


Rob Polman

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