5 Simple Ways To Attract Hundreds Of People To Your Garage Sale
By John Romaine
Tuesday, 3 February 2009
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Just recently I received an email from a member saying "Not one person showed up to my garage sale???" I thought to myself, how the heck could that possibly happen? Not one person? How? Surely something had to have been wrong with the preparation of this garage sale.

Im not even sure its possible. With clear signage, and advertising, how could you not attract one single person? I guess you can only wonder just how or why? Was it the heat? Was it bad weather? Was the advertising inadequate? Did they not put up clear visible street signs? Were they living under a rock? What the heck was it?

I can only imagine the persons frustration at organising a garage sale and to devote such time and energy towards it, only to have an absolute no show on the day. This is why it is CRITICAL that you get everything in order and BE PREPARED!

If ever youve held a garage sale and things didnt quite turn out as expected, with fewer people and sales than anticipated, then here's my personal 5 TOP TIPS almost gauranteeing absolute success at your next garage sale. Infact I swear these tips WILL WORK!


How many people in your neighbourhood visit the local ATM every day? One hundred a day? 300 a day? More? Imagine if you had a garage sale flyer posted up next to the ATM with the details of your sale on it? This is surely a winner!


You may need to seek permission from the owners of each service station, but just imagine how many people would see your garage sale flyer at the counter of the service station? How many people go to the service station in your area EACH DAY??? Probably thousands! Getting the idea yet?


Again, placement of a garage sale flyer RIGHT AT THE COUNTER where most people day dream, is a PERFECT advertising opportunity. Seek permission for this, and be sure to place your sign in a space where people have no CHOICE but to have to read your garage sale flyer. In most cases, people at the local shop are from the area and WILL VISIT your garage sale out of sheer curiosity!


If ever youve sat at the local doctors surgery or medical centre YOU KNOW FOR CERTAIN that you just sit there gazing around at nothing right? Well? How about placing your garage sale flyer in the waiting area? Just imagine how many people would see this? Hundreds and hundreds of people EACH and EVERY DAY. Imagine if you had your sign there for weeks before the day of your garage sale. Whoah, the exposure just makes my head spin!


Heres a no brainer. Place your flyer or garage sale sign up at the main gates of local schools. How many parents are going to pick their kids up EACH DAY after DAY after DAY from school??? Did someone say advertising opportunity here???!! Parents in the local area are perfect buyers and thrift shoppers. This is another almost certain way of getting the best possible attendance rates at your garage sale.

So there you go. My top 5 suggestions for pulling more people.

Im hopeful that these tips have given you some creative and imaginitive ways of advertising your garage sale. These are just 5 off the top of my head -- Im sure theres more! If you have more ideas post them below!

Be mindful though to always seek permission to place your garage sale flyers before just hanging them up. And also be sure to abide by local laws for your area. Incorrect placements of your signs and flyers can lead to fines, and you certainly dont want that!

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