How to Make More Money At Your Garage Sale This Summer
By John Romaine
Sunday, 9 November 2008
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If you've ever had the experience of holding a garage sale in not so appropriate weather and thought, "never again" then perhaps its time to rethink your approach and start thinking about how you can use the weather to your advantage.

Just exactly how is this possible?

Ok imagine its the very morning of your garage sale, and it's 40 degrees in the shade. You've just spent the entire morning setting up tables, organising clothes, pricing items, and preparing for the onslaught of buyers. Finally, after what seems like hours of preparation, you find 2 minutes of spare time to sit down on a fold out chair in the garage, have a cold drink and gather yourself. You're hot, you're tired, and you're sweating like a dog. You're thinking to yourself "this better be worth it, because I'm bloody hot and knackered!".

But wait. Think about it for a moment. If you're hot, then surely people arriving at your garage sale will be hot and dying for a cold drink too right? I mean, they've either just travelled 20 minutes from the other side of town in their car with the kids, or perhaps taken a stroll from an adjoining suburb in the hot sun. Either way, you can bet your bottom dollar that they'd be willing to part with $1 for a cold drink!

Now here is where you can earn a few extra bucks -- selling cold drinks!

Things might be moving slowly due to the heat. Perhaps more people have decided against venturing out through the day because of the heat, but for those that do show up, offer them a cold drink. A can of soft drink perhaps for $1. This is a great way to bump up your earnings.

The best strategy here is to head to either Coles, Woolies or even Aldi the day before, and pick up a carton of soft drinks, at a few bucks, then onsell them at your garage sale. Stick them in an esky with some ice from the local servo, then put a sign on there reading "Icy Cold Drinks - $1 a can!"

When bought in bulk, each can, costs as little as 20, 30 cents. You may not be making a fortune, but at least you'll have something cold to drink and be able to offer something in good gesture to your visitors.

Perhaps selling cold drinks at your next garage sale, will actually pay for the advertising!