Having a Garage Sale in the Backstreets and How to Ensure People Can Find You
By John Romaine
Thursday, 9 October 2008
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If you've ever experienced the frustrations of trying to find a garage sale in the back streets of your neighbourhood you'll know first hand, the importance of clear precise directional road side signage. Not only is it critical for simple exposure, but also, so that people can actually find you! 

Theres nothing worse than spotting a garage sale sign on the side of a busy section of road, only to quickly take the next available turn and end up driving endlessly in circles, turning left, right, left again and then just giving up altogether. Clear signage is absolutely critical, but not just that - simple directional signs that lead people to you! 

You would think this should be a no brainer. But its surprising just how many people get it wrong, or worse, dont even bother. Remember, If people cant find you - your chances of selling anything, and making some money are highly unlikely.

So, how can I ensure that people can infact find my garage sale, because I live 8 streets in from the main road...???

The answer is easy, and here's how.

On your large road side garage sale signs, that are placed on the main sections of busy road -- write the following words ...




Then at each street corner, tie a blue ribbon, or attach a few balloons, indicating which way the person needs to turn.

Simple, but very effective. And its a whole lot easier than having to write up a dozen garage sale signs, and having to place them all over the place. Its simple, easy, quick and effective.

Be sure to keep this in mind next time you have a garage sale, especially if you live in the back streets or have multiple entry points to your location.